2022: results, insights and next steps

2022: results, insights and next steps

Hello there! Welcome to Landing Page Builder ✌️

👉 Step 1. Bring Landing Page Builder into your Notion space with the top-right "Duplicate" button

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  • Share Landing Page Builder on LinkedIn (and tag me @Jonathan Sabbah) with this link :
  • https://www.lp-builder-notion.com?ref=<your-email>&utm_source=linkedin&utm_medium=social

  • Or make someone buy LP Builder through this link : → the other person will also get the lifetime updates for free!
  • https://www.lp-builder-notion.com?ref=<your-email>&utm_source=direct&utm_medium=sponsorship

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👉 Step 3. Open The Builder to continue :)

LP Builder for Notion V1 —— Get new components every month