Fund Fellow Founders & Honey Badger Capital wants to bring more angel investors to the start-up scene in Estonia. That is, exactly 1000 angel investors by 2024. We call it the Collectives. (we don’t know exactly how to count them yet, but dream big! )

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Well, Estonia has a capital of professionals in a position to help start-ups grow. Since you’re in this group, it means you’re one of them and possess a set of skills that every start-up would kill to have. At the same time, we are in a position where we see hundreds of good companies every month and are happy to share that information with you. Until today the set-up has been kind of wonky, but we’re aiming to bring more structure and transparency into this process.

In essence, we want to:

  • Give angel investors the deal-flow and knowledge necessary to invest
  • Give founders the possibility to have true experts on their extended teams

How we see it working:

  • Each month we send out 2 deals via email. Have a look here:
  • If there is enough interest (30% of the community shows interest), we go forward with the syndication process. We use Vauban and Funderbeam.
  • We will connect the Collectives of Pipedrive Angels to Veriff, Bolt and Wise angels so each syndicate will be a mix of operators from those companies
  • The minimum ticket size per Angel will be 5000€
  • The criteria for start-ups can be found here:

How we approach it:

As we’re entering (or perhaps are already knee deep in it) an economic downturn, the way we look at companies today is different than it was a month ago. We’re not looking for hyper growth companies but those who can get the most out of each euro. Those companies that are nearly self-sufficient and understand what needs to be done in order to survive however long this thing will last. This being said, we still believe that investing into tech is one of the best things to do. What else can you invest in that has that big of an impact? Innovation tends to thrive in periods of disruption.

Out of crisis comes opportunity. We’re looking for those companies that act quickly and emerge stronger.

Still, we realise that appetite for investing might be lower for now. Thus, we’re starting slow. We’re staring with sharing information, getting to know each other, maybe even organising a little conference for interested Angel Investors

This being said, we created an economic downturn guide for angel investors.

Let’s do it!

We’d like to do a QA in a few days so you could meet us and explore how we will approach fff collectives together with Fund Fellow Founders & Honey Badger.