Intro: how we operate
Intro: how we operate

Intro: how we operate

We are tech executives turned into angel investors. We invest and collectively advise founders from the Baltics & the Nordics.

Our purpose: join rounds with mature VC funds and help founders develop sustainable companies faster
Our mission: bring 1000 tech pros to invest in startups with their skills and money by 2024

How we operate:

We look for pre-round A startups;
Professional full-time management team;
We are founders, active angels and C-level professionals with strong expertise in the technology sector.
We are external advisory board of skilled tech professionals in addition to cash. Founders appreciate it more than money;
Transparent investment and legal process. Turn-key SPV setup including handling documents and fast communication.
We win high-grade deals and perform due diligence on behalf of members. We spend hundreds of hours on screening deals and make the investment process smooth.
Screening process
Investment process
Members are scouts. Share the deal with us and get incentive;
Better ROI for members in comparison between VC funds. FFF charge a 5% success fee from the allocation and offer 5% carried interest to the member who brought the deal;
Deal-by-deal basis, no membership fees, no upfront cast commitments. We are not a fund!

Connecting unique people and deals

  • FFF is a structured, professional way for (ex)founders, investors and C-level employees with a proven track record to invest their money and skills.
  • FFF receives 70+ applications, and we directly approach 100+ startup companies every month.
  • FFF optimizes sourcing methods, builds relationships with co-investors and identifies the key contributors to our current deal flow and due diligence process.
  • FFF connects cross-border investment opportunities with a network of committed angel investors.
  • FFF keeps you updated on the latest trends, investment opportunities and news.

Better quality investments

  • FFF performs screening and legal processes, which increases the probability of startup success from fundraising to exit.
  • FFF takes care of business intelligence – business information is always up to date, and angels have access to reports and audits.
  • FFF values its members’ time and presents only high-grade investment opportunities.
  • FFF offers greater purchase power, better terms and stronger deals than a private person.
  • FFF absorbs the legal costs.

Building bonds and trust within our community

  • A wide network of ambitious and skilled people who could become an investor to your startup or your next co-founder, boss, colleague or friend.
  • FFF performs the screening process, which is time-consuming, thereby increasing your free time.
  • Sharing personal stories of how you cope with work-life balance (stress, workload, etc.) creates a win-win, as you are helping others and simultaneously increasing your power as an influencer.
  • Membership can give you confidence to start a new career and stay motivated in your aspirations.
  • With a successful investment path comes good publicity. That leads to greater visibility and increased experiences.
  • A safe, solid foundation for sharing experiences in the field of investments.