Intro: how we operate
Intro: how we operate

Intro: how we operate

Our purpose: we are transforming the way of getting insights, reports and investment ideas within the private markets.
Our mission: make it easier to get into private markets by 2025 by lowering the entry threshold to 10,000 tech pros.

How we operate:

We are founders, active angels and C-level professionals with strong expertise in the technology sector.
We are interested in private market investment opportunities such as SME & startups deals, private credit, VC/PE/RE funds, stock options financing and others.
We are external advisory board of skilled tech professionals in addition to cash;
We screen high-grade deals and perform due diligence. We spend hundreds of hours on screening deals and make the investment process smooth.
Screening process
Investment process
Members are scouts;
Better ROI for members in comparison between VC funds;
Deal-by-deal basis and no upfront cash commitments. We are not a fund!

What you get:

  • FFF is a structured, professional way for (ex)founders, investors and C-level employees with a proven track record to assess the startups;
  • FFF scout investment ideas within the private market and shares it with members.
  • Members optimizes sourcing methods, builds relationships with co-investors and identifies the key contributors to our current deal flow and due diligence process.
  • FFF connects cross-border investment opportunities with a network of committed tech executives.
  • FFF keeps you updated on the latest trends, investment opportunities and news.
  • A safe, solid foundation for sharing experiences in the field of investments.