General overview

Immigram - Global Mobility Platform that reduces immigration bureaucracy and streamlines relocation processes, thus helping the brightest talents realise full potential without boarders.


Addressable Global Market:

TAM - ca. 150bn€

SAM - ca. 49bn€

SOM - ca.1,3bn€



  • There is an enormous shortage of talents ($8,5trn), while immigration bureaucracy is time consuming and complex
  • The huge demand for immigration is only partially covered by existing players and even the part they do cover is way underdeveloped
  • Average relocation today:
  • 36% of GMs and HRs are still using Excel to manage their programs

    92% of questioned GMs and HRs, are looking for an automated solutions


We are building a solution to streamline the complicated process of relocation and make bureaucracy extinct. From the client side - we are building a one-stop shop for relocation, including pre- and post-visa services. From the operations side - we are on the way to replace all the manual work with algorithms.

Business is 2-sided, B2B and B2C

  • B2B - to hire and/or relocate a team painlessly
  • B2C - to choose a country, relocate and settle

Target audience:


  • Foreign talented IT specialists


  • Global companies


Acquisition channels: Social Media, Performance Marketing, Referrals, Email Marketing (+ webinars)

CAC: ca. 500€

LTV: ca. 6,5k€ (with an aim to get it up to 9k for B2C and 30k for B2B in one year)

CAC Payback Period: 1 sale (cycle about 3-5 month, aiming to shorten it to 1,5-2 month)

Immigram is showing great conversion:


Go to Market:



Revenue & Key Metrics:



Immigram offers immigrant relocation service to the UK helping both parties (candidate and employer) with:


  • Immigration scoring
  • Streamline relocation
  • Post-visa adaptation


  • Reduce paperwork friction
  • Streamlined relocation
  • Access to off the market talents

In 2020 Immigram started from Monday CRM tool. Using low code and no code solutions Immigram created over 150 integrations and automations to minimise for human input and 10x the case throughput.


Flow for the Talent side (B2C):

  • For Talent Visa: Go to WEB, Complete Eligibility Scoring → See available options → Get platform access → Fill the forms and gather the docs → Form a Visa Case → Apply for a Visa → Purchase post-visa services → Come Back for Visa Renewal → Get new Citizenship with Immigram

LTV= 6~8 years


Flow for the Employer/Agency side (B2B SaaS):

  • Get access to management tool → add employees → send platform invites → track progress and troubleshoot in one place
  • Additional Stream → Enter Immigram Talent Pool w. 1500+ talents → check the available talent —>track which talent is in which state —> Immigram offers various packages to assist —> If talent is found and hired, Immigram charges 10% commission (which is 2x lower than industry standard)

LTV > 6 years



  • UK is the biggest market at the moment
  • Germany is next (governmental contract piloting), the NL and the US will follow
  • Most of the candidates are being sourced from CIS and recently also parts of South America


Business Model:


Price: Immigram is charging an average market price. Some competitors charge from 3k€, while some charge up to 22k€. Immigram is offering a full refund if a person does not get VISA even though scoring suggested one should. (2 cases of refund until today)

Please Note! Gross Margin of Immigram is currently 84%, and 90% is set as an aim)

Clients: (some of them)



Launched in: 2020 year

Legal name of the company:

Key Metrics:

  • % of success cases (98%+)
  • CAC (CAC/LTV ratio = 1/10)
  • Number of client served at the same time (500+)

Number of users: 400+ clients from talent side , 100+ leads from B2B side(including Revolut, Bumble, Arrival and others)

Paying customers: 99% of all, had 3 pro-bono Ukrainian cases

Please note! Immigram has 98% success rate in receiving Global Talent Visa

Investments so far

Stage: Seed

Investors so far: Xploration Capital, Joint Journey Ventures, Mikita Mikado(CEO Pandadoc)

Amount raised until today: 450k for 9% of company

*Cap Table: Founders ca. 76% / Option Pool ca. 15% / investors ca. 9%

*More detailed Cap table can be seen upon the request



Anastasia Mirolyubova / CEO, Co-Founder / 9+ years of experience working in sales and marketing. Global initiatives at the World Bank. MSc at UCL

Mikhail Sharonov / COO, Co-Founder / 8+ years of legal and operations experience in the UK. LLM at UCL

Dmitri Teriaev / Director of Engineering / 10 years of commercial web experience. Led team of large-scale design system, launched cloud provider MTS cloud

Tatiana Smirnova / Head of HR / 15 years of experience in HR IT. Ex- Senior Project Manager for HR IT brand development at Tinkoff.

Browk Michael / Product UX Designer / 7+ years in product design for web and mobile services. Ex-design lead at Ozon, lead designer at Tinkoff

Andre Shelomen / Head of Community / Special Projects Lead at Arrival, ex-CBDO WayRay, 16+ years of experience as VP BizDev + Partnerships

Denis Chernobai / CTO / ex Head of Frontend Department Bumble

Roman Tsuper / Senior Product Manager / 10+ years in product development, СCO at Yandex, ex-product lead at Mail.ru Group

Ilia Burlak / Senior Full-Stack Engineer / 10+ years in Software development, senior SW developer at VK, ex-Jivo and Mail.ru Group



Country: EE Raised: $7,9m USD to date Product: Jobbatical is an AI-enabled immigration and relocation platform focused on making immigration easy. Customers: Undisclosed Growth: Undisclosed


Country: DE Raised: $13,4m USD to date Product: Localyze is a software to manage your international team: Relocate international hires, temporarily transfer employees. Customers: Undisclosed Growth: Undisclosed


Country: US, Raised: $43.8m USD to date, Product: The service fills out forms for customers and sends them to a lawyer for review Growth: Undisclosed

Please note! Full list of competitor breakdown can be found HERE

Round information

General Ask: € 5m

Investment instrument: TBD

Valuation: 30 000 000 € Pre money

Committed so far: €2.000.000

Round closing deadline: August 2022

General Cap Table:

Founder: 76%

Option pool: 15%

Investors: 9%

Runway: ca.800k€+ on the balance currently, company is profitable

Funds allocation:

  • Expanding on the new markets more efficiently
  • Growing and improving the team

Burn Rate: Company is profitable as you can see on the slides in “Business” section

Pitch Deck is here:

Upon Request: