The leading platform for electrical vehicle charging now present all across Europe.

Disclaimer All research on startup and the whole investment memo has been done for personal use of Akim Arhipov.


“Deliver the best unified charging solution for every stakeholder within the Electronic Vehicles (EV) transformation.”

PitchDeck for more details:

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Two-sided marketplace for EVs, operating both in B2C and B2B verticals. Northe enables access to the majority of all charging operators in one app. Use a vast network of charging stations, plan your route and pay directly in the app.

Northe is connecting the industry service providers (Monta, Plugsurfing, Virta, Ctek, Ionity, etc) to consumers (Bolt, AVIS, McDonalds, BMW Group, etc) via Northe API


About 3m EV’s in Europe in 2022 / Expected 40m EV’s in Europe by 2030 (EU directive of “Lower CO2 emissions by 70% within the transport sector until 2030” - is going to slow)

Why now

Considering the fact that Sweden (and Norway) are leading the way when it substituting fuel cars to EVs, thee is still no settled united standard what apps to use while charging your EV, both B2C and B2B.

“Sweden is actively pursuing climate targets – with ambitions to become carbon neutral by 2045 and end the sale of fossil fuel vehicles by 2030. The country has even launched the world’s first electrified road in Stockholm, which actively charges cars and lorries using an innovative energy transfer system” Source

Geo and the Team

Swedish based / live in 18 European countries / Team of Tamas Hess / David Fauné / Stefano De Colli

Business model

Transaction fee: In average 10% fee on all changing transactions through our platform

License fee: Average of 6€ per connected company vehicle and month

Connection fee: Average of 3€ per connected charge box and month

Traction and metrics

Revenue: Q1 2022 was at ca.32k€ / Q3 2022 is at 190+k€

Burn: 53K€ January 2022 / 105K€ October 2022

Users: 3700 January 2022 / ca.25 000 September 2022

Charges: less than 3000 Q3 2021 / ca.35 000 Q3 2022 (Average monthly revenue per fleet vehicle is 54€)

Clients: Avis, Leasplan, Bolt, Posten Norway/ Bring, Aimo Share,


Plugsurfing (SE) / Elton (NO) / Bonnet (UK)/

Funds spent until today + existing investors

Total: 1,4m€

Investors on board: Peter Silfverswärd, David Österdahl

Board members: Tamas Hess (Chairman), David Faune, Stefano DeColli, Peter Silfverswärd, Alexandra Barganowski, David Österdahl, Pontus Frohde.

Cap Table: ca.70% founders

Cap table Charge4Go AB.pdf132.1KB

Round info

Amount: 1m€

Valuation: 6,8M

Investment type: New share issue

Committed so far: ca.600k€ (round not public yet, commitments from existing investors)