Start your own private label business –without the hassle!

Software infrastructure for anyone to launch and operate scalable Customer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands. Supliful makes it possible to launch a brand on the same day, with $0 upfront capital, & no Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ).


Supliful makes it possible to launch a brand for everyone, the same day with 0€ upfront capital Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

Remove the barriers of entry in the CPG industry with an open platform for anyone to launch and operate scalable CPG brands.

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Launching a brand with no hassle. Solution enables you to Source (choose from quality products from vetted suppliers) / Brand (Label designers and templates ready) / Sell (seamless integration to e-commerce) / Fulfil (On-demand labelling and shipping)

On one side there is a self-serve Customer Packaging Goods (CPG), where merchants prep their goods and integrate with e-commerce solutions and on the other side is the back end Operational technology, taking care of drop shipping (order preparation, carrier integration, shipping label generation and inventory management)


(Creators) E-commerce Market

TAM - ca. 1,8t€

SAM - ca. 600bn€

SOM - ca. 5bn€ (Currently focused on US, expected to be at - ca. 1,03t€ by 2030)

On-demand print & commerce enabling platforms are thriving (Printify / Printful) - Supliful is bringing it to the CPG market.

Why now

Gary Vee is one of the most influential marketers in the world and his take on Creator built CPG brands:

The reality is that people that are bringing content and building actual community begin to build actual scale and then deploy the commodity of t-shirts, juices, and chocolate

60 sec clip below

Geo and the Team

Latvian founders / Operating within the North America / HQ in Riga and Denver / Founding team of Mārtiņš Lasmanis / Rihards Pīks / Rūdolfs Janītis

Business model

Markup on physical goods: average markup is on 33%

Digital subscription fee: ca. 39€ / ca. 349€ monthly plans

Traction and metrics (2022)

Burn multiplier: x0,7 - x0,83 during 2022

Net revenue: +$370k (33% of which is MRR)

Signups: +8027

Connected Shopify stores: +1400

Growth: 30% MoM for the past 4 months



Funds spent until today + existing investors

ca. $1.45m

Investors on board: Diaspora Ventures / SWG / Bolt VPs / Angels (Kabanov, Vilosius, etc)

Cap Table: Founders (Mārtiņš Lasmanis, Rihards Pīks, Rūdolfs Janītis) equally share 87%; 13% option pool.

Have raised $1.45M to date. All convertibles (not equity), so currently not reflected in company shareholding. When converted to equity in future rounds, current investors would get an estimated 16.6%.

Round info

Raising: ca. 500k-1m€

Instrument: SAFE at 10M pre-money cap & 20% discount.

Timeline: Aiming to close by EOY

So far committed: $1.04m in the bank on a rolling basis. ca.200k€ in final stages with SWG

The likes of a16z, Greycroft and Accel are in the investor updates list and are closely following progress of Supliful