Our investment process
Our investment process

Our investment process


  1. Sourcing. We pre-screen around 70+ startups monthly from Sweden, Finland, and the Baltics.
  2. Qualification and workshops. We select 2–4 startups monthly and deep dive into their business.
  3. Due diligence. We perform enhanced due diligence on 1–3 selected startups. Five people from FFF members are involved in creating the documentation package. You can find our due diligence principles here and investment memos. We allocate up to 30 hours for each qualified startup before we showcase to Fund Fellow Founders members.
  4. Present to FFF members. An investment opportunity vetted and presented to FFF members. We collect interest and invite best founders to investment committtee.
  5. Investment committee. We invite founders for a Q/A session and members challenge them.
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  7. Make a decision. Indicate your interest by filling distributed form. If you like the deal, indicate your commitment and share your personal/legal details.
  8. Investment structure. For some deals, we will initiate the SPV with equity. SPV with equity is the safest way to make the investment. All investors will be the shareholders of the SPV, and Akim Arhipov will manage the SPV. All investors pay their investment into the SPV as a share capital contribution, which the SPV will invest into the target. It’s not mandatory - it’s totally OK if founders allow you to participate as a stand alone party on a cap table. We are proud to work with Valter Võhma from Triniti Law Firm.
  9. Legal paperwork. We originate SPV and share legal paperwork for review.
  10. Sign and money transfer. Sign the agreements digitally and transfer money.