Scout program
Scout program

Scout program

At the heart of effective deal sourcing & scouting is a strong reliance on one's network. Optimizing sourcing methods, we first identify the key contributors to our current deal flow.

Who is a Scout?

  • person who are well plugged-in to the process of building or funding tech;
  • you know people who build something exciting with a strong passion;
  • you have a good deal flow, but don’t have time to dive deep into new-coming opportunities.

Why should you bring the deal to the community?

  • Save time and don’t miss great investment opportunity. Most of our members are very busy building their companies. In the same time, we all have deals coming to our email box;
  • We do screening and challenging founders;
  • A quality investors network with a proven track record in different fields who will help in assessment;
  • Strong VC funds co-investors in Sweden, Finland and Estonia.

How will the deal be done?

  • We ask our scouts to write a short memo explaining why this investment is a good idea;
  • Make an intro with founder or share a pitch with us;
  • After the introduction to the startup is done, we will start our screening and investment processes;
  • If members decide to invest, a scout will get carried interest on that investment (5%, only if scout invests);
  • If the company is not selected, we will put it on a watch list and keep in touch.